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About Dave Titus

Dave Titus delivers top quality illustration, animation and web site development skills to his clients, but there is a lot more to Dave's buinsess than meets the eye.

Dave continually satisfies the most rigorous deadlines while keeping client needs as his number one focus. He is passionate about his work and understands the demands of the working world. His ability to provide both illustration and Flash animation combined with years of experience developing web sites and web content prove to be a valuable resource for any company in today's market.

Hundreds of Dave's projects are in the books for clients like Nabisco, General Mills, Disney, Mello Smello, Netscape, Better Homes and Gardens, Meredith Books, AAA, Paypal, Cargill, GRAMMY Foundation, Intuit, Specialized, Prevacid, Wall Street Journal, USAopoly, and Gateway.


In 1994 Dave created the original green Mozilla mascot while working on Netscape's premier website with Andrew Wong at Poppe Tyson Advertising. Check out some old-school Mozilla art.

In 2004 Dave won "Best of Show" in London's Top 50 Fusion Digital Art Competition.

He has a Photoshop Guru Award from the PhotoshopWorld Conference in 2003, was a finalist in Seybold's 2002 Digital Art Show and won an Honorable mention at Siggraph way back in 1987.

Dave lives and works in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Contact Details
Dave Titus Illustrations develops and creates advertising illustration, children's market illustration including toys and game packaging illustration, food product illustration, character design, mascot creation and development. Flash animation is a key aspect of the work of Dave Titus. Website development has also become a large part of portfolio and services of Dave Titus Illustrations. Digital art and illustrations is Dave's specialty but conceptual art, editorial art, and fantasy illustration are also part of his portfolio. Character licensing is also available. Mozilla, Netscape's original green mascot, is one of Dave's enduring characters. Dave has created humorous art, character illustration, animation, flash animation and websites as a freelance illustrator since 1993. Additional contact info and location data available here.