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Mozilla Lives!

The ambassaor of the interent, Mozilla; Netscape's original, official mascot was first introduced in 1994 when Netscape launched their premier browser to the world.

Dave was the artist behind the creation of the original Mozilla character and over a period of 5 years rendered hundreds of Mozilla images for merchandise, T-shirts, web graphics, animations, wall murals and 3D life size statues.

When AOL bought Netscape in 1998 and the Mozilla Foundation was formed the Green Lizard all but disappeared.

But now he's back and one of the original T-shirts is now available once again. Keep checking back for information about the re-release of more old favorites from the early days of Netscape when Mozilla was spreading goodwill all over the world.

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Dave Titus Illustrations develops and creates advertising illustration, children's market illustration including toys and game packaging illustration, food product illustration, character design, mascot creation and development. Flash animation is a key aspect of the work of Dave Titus. Website development has also become a large part of portfolio and services of Dave Titus Illustrations. Digital art and illustrations is Dave's specialty but conceptual art, editorial art, and fantasy illustration are also part of his portfolio. Character licensing is also available. Mozilla, Netscape's original green mascot, is one of Dave's enduring characters. Dave has created humorous art, character illustration, animation, flash animation and websites as a freelance illustrator since 1993. Additional contact info and location data available here.