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  Last Updated: 7-22-2010
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Dave Titus Illustration Portfolio - The Books and Magazines section contains samples of Dave's illustrating for publishers. This portfolio incldues, digital illustrations of kids snowboarding, kids swinging and youth skateboarding, illustrated food samples like watermelon, sub sandwiches, tacos and ice cream, editorial art of a home equity cash register house, cookbook illustrations of kids roller blading, hippie kids, pizza cooks, and food preparation, interior book illustrations combined with product photos of children driving food carts with horses and muffins, Ben Franklin as an eagle, a buzzard and a cowboy roping some wild chili beans, a retro drive-up waitress in pink, roller skating with a plate of chicken tenders, conceptual book cover on stuttering and the trauma of being trapped by the disability, teenagers backpacking with snack mix, hiking up mountains carrying camping gear and crackers, a photographer sitting on a frozen pond with polar bears, and access to other illustration slideshows of other illustration categories. Most of this work was done for book publishers, ad agencies and the children's market. Integral to the work is character design and development and/or mascot creation and development. Flash animation and Digital art illustrated in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are Daves' specialties. Mozilla, Netscape's original green mascot, is one of Dave's enduring characters. Dave has created humorous art, character illustration, animation, flash animation and websites as a freelance illustrator since 1993.